We at Reimagine Spokane know how complicated, confusing, and just not very appealing, civic engagement might be to the every day person. And whether you realize it or not, politics rules our lives, and YOU ARE POLITICAL. So, don’t you think you, politics, and your life, could use a little more fun?

In May 2022 we brought the Reimagine GOTV Team together at what many in the Spokane activist community know as the “3rd floor conference room”. We hit the drawing board and bounced ideas off of each other, threw a bunch out (but are saving them for later), and eventually came to consensus around what initially brought Reimagine Spokane to life in 2019: a zine.

This time, we gathered art, poems, narratives, and calls to actions from 13 different community activist organizations who all reimagine Spokane in their own unique ways to create our second volume of At Large. We also went through all the fun election and government information for you so that there’s only 8 pages of voting information to explore. Don’t worry, there’s lots of pictures and arguably the most exciting activity about Spokane County you’ll ever do.

The zine below isn’t meant to be a representation of all of us, but it’s a good picture of the organizations who work every day to uplift the voices of those who cannot. It shows us what the community is doing for our people in the ways that work best for them. At Large, Volume 2 is what a new, inclusive, and thriving community looks like — one that already exists and needs to be voted for.

Our Zine

Voices from our community

Shout out to our 2022 GOTV Advisory Team members who have all helped us at various points of our project. Sarah Peterson, Pollyanne Birge, KJ January, Justice Forral, Chrissy Loe, Remelisa Cullitan, Emily Stohr-Gillmore, and Aiden Sanders — THANK YOU!

Voter Turnout

The 2022 primary election results for the 5th Congressional District (Spokane's district) show that only 41.7% of voters actually voted. Most votes were for the Republican Party.

Turnout Demographics

The top 3 age groups
among the total voters:

#1 Baby Boomers
#2 Millenials
#3 Genx
Proportion of voters
within each age group:

64% of Baby Boomers
37% of GenX
22% of Millenials
Voters by racial group:
42% of Whites
23% of Asian Americans & Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders,
16% Blacks, 16% Hispanics,
22% other

Win|Win's Primary Election Report for 2022 - 5th Congressional District

Voter vs. Non-voter IDeology

Conservatives make up a larger share of voters, while progressives make up a larger share of non-voters.
Remember, 41.7% of registered voters turned out to vote.

Vote for a change

Imagine if more non-voters turned out to vote. Imagine if more Millenials, more GenXers, or more BIPOC voted. Imagine the changes we can make for us, by us.

Read more about Win|Win's 2022 Primary Election Report

Check out election results for Spokane County

Be a part of the change

You voice, your vote.

October 19 – 22 — Ballots coming in via mail

On October 31 — Online and mail-in voter registration ends

November 8, 2022 — Election Day

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