Idea Time @ Forza – Dec. 10

Join us in Reimagining Spokane!

When: Tuesday, December 10 from 5pm-6:30pm
Where: Forza Coffee Co. – 1028 N Hamilton St. Unit 190 (in the conference room)

Last month, 12 people came together to Reimagine Spokane. We discussed street trees that could produce food, jobs, and shade for our community; badges that allow consumers to easily identify local businesses that exemplify good environmental and social business ethics, and who is doing what about climate change in Spokane. Other ideas thrown in the hat were about public transit, safe spaces and advocacy for marginalized communities, supporting initiatives that benefit local businesses and sustainable practices, building an infrastructure to better network our progressive ecosystem, and simply reimagining Spokane.

As organizers, we observed members of society from many walks of life gaining new perspectives and opening up to what they thought could be possible from a single idea. We were excited to see our imaginations being exercised (as society tends to suppress) and that there are even existing groups that have organized around the ideas we’ve drawn from the hat. We also came to a conclusion that reimagining should not just be a luxury for the wealthy – it should be accessible to all.

It’s pretty simple:

1. We randomly select an idea YOU share in our “Thinking Cap” (a bucket hat)

2. We have a casual, yet impactful, discussion about how your idea impacts the people living in The Greater Spokane Community (and perhaps the world)

3. We collectively help bring your idea closer to reality (talking about it is the first step: consciousness creates matter, language creates reality)

4. Repeat (if time permits)

Thank you to Forza Coffee Co. for hosting this month’s Idea Time 🙂

*Bring an open and flexible mind, as well as some ideas on how we can Reimagine Spokane*