What We're All About


Reimagine Spokane brings together diverse causes and communities under one roof so we can support each other, learn from one another, and make change together.

We disrupt the status quo and inspire widespread, multi-issue change and opportunity for Spokane.


We envision Spokane as a city of the future that thrives on inclusivity, creativity, equity, opportunity, and restoration of the environment.

We see Spokane as a place that can lead the way in social and environmental change and inspire other communities to take action.

We believe our collective actions will save the world.


For the environment: We practice and teach how to locally address the climate crisis.

For inclusion: We create visible safe spaces, bridge the gap between insiders and outsiders, and challenge people to understand experiences different than their own.

For business: We connect and support business owners, advocating for thoughtful development and community building we can all get behind.

For consumers: We invite consumers into the local economy and show them how their choices can create communal health, wealth, interconnection, and resilience for our city.

For all of us: We create a gathering place that makes change understandable and accessible to the many, many people who care about our shared future and need support and encouragement in taking the next step in their visions for change.