Reimagine Spokane’s First Event: Zine Fest October 19th

The countdown for Zine Fest begins! From 11am-5pm on October 19th, Reimagine Spokane will be at the Downtown Library selling ethically sourced T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, and zines with other creators and artists. Our zine shows Spokane through the eyes of 8 different people who envision a better world for our community through environmental, social, …

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One of the best things that can happen for Spokane is the development of Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance aka SIMBA. We are a non-profit business and consumer organization that advocates for triple bottom line (social, economic, environmental) lifestyles, provides solutions to “business as usual” practices, and strives to create a thriving, sustainable economy within …

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What’s REL

The RËL identity was conceived as a combination of a name with an endeavour. Ryann E. Louie is real. Authentic. Genuine. They discover, adapt, and create. They strive to change the world, starting in Spokane. Throughout its development, RËL could not be confined to the concept of real estate alone. What was once three separate …

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